November 10, 2016 at 12:56AM
"right-wing authoritarian leaders score high on measures of Social Dominance Orientation." (2006) #readingToday

Much of this work is devoted to a description of social science and psychological research that has been conducted on the American political right over the past four decades. Dean especially cites the work of American Robert Altemeyer at the University of Manitoba in Canada. He notes that a large number of studies have documented a high correlation between authoritarianism and conservatism, and they have also defined the two types of authoritarian personalities, namely leaders and followers.

Most importantly, research shows that right-wing authoritarian leaders score high on measures of "Social Dominance Orientation." Empirical data demonstrates that they are "relatively power-hungry, domineering, mean, Machiavellian and amoral, and hold conservative economical and political outlooks."

Their followers are blindly submissive to authority, which can lead them to do harm to others if they believe such behavior is sanctioned. In addition, the followers also "accept the traditional norms of society and tend to be fundamentalist in religion and reject moral relativism."

BOOK REVIEW Conservatives without Conscience By John W. Dean Penguin Books, 2006 Hardcover, 246 pp., $26.95 In recent years our society has witnessed the rise of a right-wing authoritarian political movement hiding behind a self-described "conservative" label while engaging in vicious, confronta...