June 05, 2015 at 03:19PM
"[D]isappointing to see Twitter kill a project they supported since 2012" - Sunlight Foundation #readingToday  

"We are truly mystified as to what prompted the change of heart, and it's deeply disappointing to see Twitter kill a project they had supported since 2012," Christoper Gates, Sunlight Foundation President, wrote on a blog post. "It is also disturbing to us that our feed was cut almost three weeks ago and our only direct communication came from Twitter last night, when we were told that their decision was not something that we could appeal, and, most surprisingly, they were not interested in reviewing any of the email conversation from 2012. Clearly, something changed - and we're not likely to ever know what it was."

Twitter confirmed it revoked Politwoops' API access. Twitter concluded Politwoops' API use violates Twitter's developer agreement, but Politwoops thinks there is more to it.