April 06, 2015 at 12:55PM
"Average a left-hander with a right-hander and what do you get?" #readingToday

Some problems are not solved by adjustments or averages: Average a left-hander with a right-hander and what do you get? Sometimes it is simply impossible to build one product that accommodates everyone, so the answer is to build different versions of the product. After all, we would not be happy with a store that sells only one size and type of clothing: we expect clothing that fits our bodies, and people come in a very wide range of sizes. We don't expect the large variety of goods found in a clothing store to apply to all people or activities; we expect a wide variety of cooking appliances, automobiles, and tools so we can select the ones that precisely match our requirements. One device simply cannot work for everyone. Even such simple tools as pencils need to be designed differently for different activities and types of people.

Design of Everyday Things Revised, Don Norman´╗┐