June 06, 2014 at 04:35PM
"Transforming semantics into stable constrained dynamics is an approach tried by Deming and his disciples." #readingToday

Transforming semantics completely into stable constrained dynamics is an approach that was tried empirically by Deming and his disciples. It is also an approach used by modern 'constraint solver' software to try to allow design requirements to act as obligations across a distributed system 279 . If one can program the entire symphony of an organization's output as a self-correcting, parallel process that simply goes on and on, without significant decision-making, then all of the problems of rehearsal and change become simply different aspects of a purely dynamical problem. The worst thing to deal with then is the dimensionless thresholds. The main thing holding us back from this it the matter of design, of creative human involvement.

In Search of Certainty, Mark Burgess, 2013