January 29, 2014 at 08:57PM
"My entire application uses a single HTML template, one  javascript schema parser, and one Angular client application." #readingToday  

My entire application uses a single 305 line HTML template, one 430 line javascript schema parser, and one 166 line javascript Angular client application to do the majority of the client side work. Almost everything else is either an API endpoint, a JSON Hyper Schema, an Media Type: HTML, JSON, CSV, or other representation of data: which is generated and sent from the API server in response to client requests, dynamically generated by a combinations of schema crawling and user interaction.

My Goal is to Make Changes Easier So, I started writing a fully HATEOAS web service API. It's funny, I am not designing this new API for any external developer community. I am designing it for myself. My hope is that it will make my life easier, but also that other developers may be encouraged to use our service in the future. I am facing changing business rules, an ever evolving state machine, and some very interactive services. I a...