January 31, 2017 at 11:16PM
"Too many are concerned less with enforcing litmus tests..." Neil Gorsuch, 2002 #readingToday

"Today, there are too many who are concerned less with promoting the best public servants and more with enforcing litmus tests and locating unknown 'stealth candidates' who are perceived as likely to advance favored political causes once on the bench," Gorsuch wrote. "Politicians and pressure groups on both sides declare that they will not support nominees unless they hew to their own partisan creeds. When a favored candidate is voted down for lack of sufficient political sympathy to those in control, grudges are held for years, and retaliation is guaranteed." -- @SCOTUS nominee, Neil Gorsuch (2002)

Donald Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, has been outspoken in the past about the crippling politicization of the judicial system, pa ...