December 29, 2016 at 11:40PM
"Google's server clocks will run slower each second will be 13.9 microseconds longer." #readingToday

Google has "application programming interfaces" that integrate its services. Instead of applying leap seconds to the company's servers, Google evenly distributes that one second over a 20-hour period.

For the leap second No. 37 on New Year's Eve, Google will apply that so-called linear smear, which starts at 14:00 UTC on New Year's Eve and it will end at 10:00 UTC on New Year's Day. During the smear, Google's server clocks will run slightly slower than usual, as each second of time will be about 13.9 microseconds longer than a second.

Remarkably, our planet's rotation decelerates thanks to the braking action of ocean tides, and timekeepers have to adjust for it.