August 11, 2016 at 03:35PM
"This post describes the "API Map Design" part of API maps..." #readingToday   #API360  @dret 

This post describes the "API Map Design" part of API maps, going through a sequence of simple steps that will help you to start designing and implementing an API that is the result of a conscious design process, and supports hypermedia as one of the foundations of its design.

As an explanation, analogous steps of a Web site design process are described, so that it easier to follow the sequence of design steps, and how they compare to the more established practice of Web site design using sitemaps.

*API First* is the approach of consciously designing APIs instead of treating them as by-products of implementation work. It is the same mindset that is popular for human-facing Web sites: Design these consciously, and they will be much more likely...