April 04, 2016 at 01:51AM
"MacPascal-THINK was the source of the modern development environment.  This was 1986." #readingToday  

MacPascal-THINK was the source of the modern development environment.  This was 1986.  The first usable version of Windows was still 9 years away.  DOS was effectively a text-only world, and DOS programming tools were crude stone-age things.  Unix programmers were writing their source code in vi and compiling it on the command line.   Hmm.  I guess a lot of them still do.  Much later, Windows and (some of the) unix world would adopt the same programmer's user interface as THINK. 

    _The same way that the Macintosh invented the user interface for computer users, THINK Technologies invented the user interface for programmers.  The project file, source level debugger, variable browser, these are the user-illusion that programmers expect today. They are really the creation of the THINK programmers, Terry Lucas, Peter Maruhnic, Jon Hueras, Steven Stein, Wynn Newhouse, Rick Tompkins, and designers Andrew Singer, Mel Conway, and Jon Hueras _

Today it's hard to imagine how daunting the original Macintosh API was for programmers, especially compared to the complexity of the cocoa programming environment. But most programmers were used to the extremely sparse world of the text terminal (glass TTY), in which they had to learn only how ...