March 08, 2015 at 04:24PM
"Hypertext is an ideal means of organizing information..." Kara Schoonmaker, 2007  #readingToday  

Hypertext and hypermedia offer unprecedented choice and fluidity in approaching information, allowing connections to be made more quickly and in a more personalized way than ever before. A good hypertext system takes intellectual inquiry as its model: as Ted Nelson writes, "There is no Final Word. There is always a new view, a new idea, a reinterpretation". Information stays the same, but the way it is viewed, interpreted, and interacted with changes constantly. Given this shifting nature, hyper-organization is an ideal means of organizing information: it offers access that is as fluid and flexible, as in-depth or as shallow, as specific or as broad, as its user wants it to be.

"Hypermedia" is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "a method of structuring information in different media for a single user… whereby related items are connected in the same way as a hypertext." The term "hypertext" was coined in 1965 by Ted Nelson, who defined it as "non-sequential ...