January 29, 2014 at 09:32AM
"...this time the programmers are wrong." #readingToday

The Web is different, and I can see why programmers might have little tolerance for the paths it chose, but this time the programmers are wrong. It's not that the Web is perfect – it certainly has glitches. It's not that success means something is better. Many terrible things have found broad audiences, and there are infinite levels to theWorse is Better conversations. And of course, the Web doesn't solve every programming need. Many problems just don't fit, and that's fine.

So why is the Web better?

The Web made it possible to address the project scalability problem, making some key choices that allowed both human and technical distribution of responsibilities. Those choices are compromises, but the balance they achieved lets developers at any level contribute to the Web.

The Web became the most ubiquitous distributed application system because it didn't have to think of itself as a programming environment. Almost every day I see comments or complaints...