January 18, 2014 at 12:00PM
"What differentiates Simondon in general from the information-theory traditions..." -#readingToday

What differentiates Simondon in general from the cybernetic and information-theory traditions out of which Bateson was working (in particular, what differentiates him from Wiener and Shannon / Weaver) is that, for Simondon, this differencing process can in no way be understood in quantitative terms, and is not susceptible to any kind of stable formalization. The differencing process is not describable in quantitative terms because, although a quantum leap does coincide with the discharge of a measurable amount of energy, it also coincides with a passing of a threshold to a qualitatively new level of existence. That qualitative crossing is the crucial point for Simondon. It requires for its understanding the mobilization of a whole stable of concepts beyond the pale of quantitative method.

(Moon+ Reader Pro v2.3.4, Gilbert Simondon: Being and Technology)