January 13, 2014 at 10:33AM
On using Guitar Hero to explore "triggered replay during sleep." #readingToday

To determine whether procedural memories can be strengthened by triggered replay during sleep, Ken Paller and colleagues from Northwestern University in Chicago used something along the lines of the computer game Guitar Hero. In this game, players use a remote control which is likened to a guitar. Each finger is on a button which represents a different string, and players have to play a song by pressing each note at the right time (and holding the button down for the right amount of time too). Because most people probably wouldn't be able to do this very well without some kind of help, there is also a visual display to tell them when to press the buttons and gives them a kind of warning of how soon each press will be. Fascinatingly, if people hear the musical notes from this game during slow wave sleep, they can play the tunes much more accurately the next day.

(Moon+ Reader Pro v2.3.4, The Secret World of Sleep: The Surprising Science of the Mind at Rest (MacSci))